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cold monday mornings in the winter months are funny kind of days. everything moves a little slower, as if the chill were heavy, holding things in their place just a touch longer than normal.

the teller at the pull up window at the bank chats casually with the woman at the next terminal, not worried about the double lane line that has formed behind her. the lady working the line at the pharmacy takes several minutes to ring up a man with a small water hose, staring at the buttons on the register as if she’d never seen them before.

for me the winter season is always a time of reflection. days like this make me wonder if i might just be surrounded by strangers just like me- walking slow amid blistering winds all caught up in their heads. quiet thoughts kept in their minds somewhere behind their eyes, thoughtful musings of things previously ignored or just lost during the busy productive days of the summer months just past.

so as it goes, i guess. soon it will be that time when quiet self reflection turns into a vapid frenzy of resolutions. resolutions made to steady uneasy minds that these cold months will not deplete them of the energy and forward movement of late, or deprive them of what they would be at their best were it not for these short days and long nights of indulgence holding them back.


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Oh, what a difference a year can make.

me and katie nov 07

this is a picture taken of Katie and I at her birthday party one year ago. at this time last year i felt like i was starting over, starting fresh. making something out of what had previously been the mess that was my life. new apartment, new outlook, new goals and a new-found self worth and sense of fun i hadn’t remembered having in quite some time. i remember thinking that things were looking up, that this year was going to be different.

and boy, different it certainly has been.

this year was a year of personal tragedy. family. michael phelps. breakups. financial crisis. and barack obama.

i seem to remember that on this particular day one year ago, the most stressful situation i was dealing with was the frustratingly long amount of time that frosting 60+ cupcakes was taking, making me late to the liquor store.

its funny to think about the time that has passed. although its measured in days and weeks in little boxes on calendars peppered with meetings and birthdays and special events – it is constantly moving on, rendering the events and plans and stresses that consume daily life almost irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. passed by and left behind, it becomes apparent that its not the engagements marked on the calendar that matters. what do you take from the experiences you have and the people you engage with? feelings, thoughts, ideas. the worthwhile ones are the ones that help to shape your outlook. in that way i suppose that means you can measure change in time by the adjustments made to your perspective.

oh, how this year has changed me. its been one of those that- sometimes- makes me feel like a wise old soul.

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hello world!

hello blogger world.

please bear with me while i figure out everything for the rest of the site, and then i will dazzle you with my super blogging abilities.

stay tuned.

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