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is it possible that almost another whole year has gone by? seasons have come and gone. a winter of heartache, with as many tears as snowflakes. a spring of sunshine and new experiences; a new home, new people, new places. of laughing again. of fun. a time of emotional rebuilding. and then drama. and stress. a summer of escape. a short-term home with friends. of drinks by the pool. of concerts, bon fires and softball. of professional failure. of new love, and another new home.

fall has come in like a lion. what started sunny and peaceful shifted suddenly to cold. to betrayal. to hurt and confusion… to reflection.

i remember this time last year, and the direction i know now that it was headed. the winter that was to come. and i wonder where this winter is headed.

i think of my sister. reflection always leads to thoughts of her. being October, and Domestic Violence Awareness month, i am particularly thoughtful on this topic. my sister must have felt heartache. i wonder if in her final seconds she knew. if she knew that the man she loved and had given everything to, was committing the ultimate betrayal. i wonder if she was angry. or just sad. or, if in the Lifetime movie spirit kind of way- forgiving.

i wonder if that is possible. and i wonder, what betrayals are forgivable?

abuse is never forgivable, but that is not what i mean. what hurt, which lies, what kind of betrayals are forgivable? should any be? as an idealist, should you refuse to forgive those who lie and betray you because you respect yourself enough to demand better? or as a realist, who understands human nature and behavior, is it inevitable that everyone at some point will hurt or lie or betray you in some way, and so forgiveness -at least of some- is too, inevitable?


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